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Bridal Shower

So last week was my bridal shower and it was very fun! I felt completely overwhelmed by the many lovely women who support me in my life! Sam carried out the games at the shower that Amber had planned.
My Grandma Gardner made chocolate covered strawberries that matched my blue theme for the wedding!
Dina even went to IKEA and got Daim for the treats!

Everything looked beautiful!
Terri, MaryJo, Grandma, and KineBritt...
Kandy, Natalie, Jennifer, and my Mom...
Wow I was just so amazed at the things written in cards and the love expressed through gifts to help us get started...
My friend, Heather, who I have known since kindergarten even came and I loved seeing her!
My mommy and Lance's mom...
We played this terrible game where I had to answer 30 questions that Lance had already answered. Each one I got wrong, I had to put a piece of Double Bubble Gum in my mouth... I ended up choking, I mean chewing, on 11 pieces! The questions were rigged! Who asks, "Name every state your fiance has been to," at a bridal shower?!
Sam was merciless...
Shantil made a bouquet for me out of the bows from the gifts!
Linda (Lance's mom) made us a book decoration with our invitation inside. We made a special one for her because we knew she would do this. It looked wonderful!
We played a game too where people had to hold a piece of paper against their forehead and draw what I would look like as a bride... ha ha ha! That turned out funny!
We also played a game called Bridezilla! This little dinosaur got passed around. If it was handed to you, you had to hold it for at least five minutes before passing it off to someone else. At the end of the night Sam stopped the game and the person who had it was named Bridezilla! The winner was... drumroll please... My MOM! :) Ha ha ha!
My moms and grandma :)
Sampson and Cori made the shower so fun!
And super huge thanks to Dina and Amber for setting it up and hosting it!
I really had a wonderful time and am so very grateful!