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Cali Trip to see the Baxter Fam!

So a few weeks ago we flew up to Oakland for the weekend to go see family, have Lance's Bachelor party, and have a little shower for me to meet all of Linda (Lance's mom)'s friends. We hopped on a plane on Friday morning so that we could spend the day in San Francisco with his parents.
When we arrived we had Swedish pancakes at their house and there was a letter waiting for us addressed to "Mr. & Mrs. Lance Baxter." Linda handed it to me and I glanced at it, saw "Baxter" and handed it back. She said, "I'm not Mrs. Lance Baxter." Then I read it again and realized that it was me. Woah! It was our first letter with that address :)
We headed out after breakfast to see the sights of San Fran with Lance's parents. Lance liked this sign :) May is a wonderful month!
Just hopped out for a picture with this lovely view of the bay!

Yes... he can fly.

It was my first time seeing GG Bridge! Amazing!

There was some really pretty architecture downtown as well!

I get to marry my best friend!

We stopped by this lovely place and got some chocolate samples!
We also checked out China Town :)
Very colorful and very fun!

"You think you're sooo funny!"
After the sights of the day, we headed to stop by the Oakland Temple :) Like the Mesa Temple, it has no Angel Moroni.
I love the engraving on the front of the Savior and his apostles...
Wow... I get to marry that hunk!
Trying for a rooftop picture :)
I also took a lot of pictures of Lance's parents which turned out great! :)
That night we grabbed some Taco Bell and had a movie night at home. :) We all watched the new movie, Tangled. It is awesome! The next morning we got up early (so as to get back in time for General Conference) and went over to Mt. Diablo. We drove all the way to the top and the view was like nothing I have seen. The clouds literally rolled over the mountains below...

It was chilly, but we had a great talk and certainly shared a good time!
After General Conference was over, I went with Laina, Lindsey, and Linda to the shower. it was nice to get to meet so many ladies who love Lance so much. They certainly bragged about him a lot, which is not difficult to do. :)

Laina's little girl JonniLee (I hope I spelled that right) is so adorable and was the life of the shower!
Later that night while the boys went to priesthood session and then to Lance's bachelor party, I hung out with Laina, Lindsey, Linda, Avery, Ella, and JonniLee. This was them doing a train and singing, "We are family! I got all my sistas and me!" So fun! Love those girls!
Overall it was a fun weekend! I learned more about myself, the strength of my relationship with my sweetheart, his family, and loved hearing the words from Conference!