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Ernie & Magda

Last Monday, Lance and I drove Ernie and Magda to my dad's high school to speak to his class. Magda is our family friend who is a Holocaust survivor and she brought her book with her to talk a little about as well. Lance and I got to go out to lunch with them afterwards as well. I was so glad that we had the opportunity to listen to the knowledge that she had to share. I was also grateful for the contagious smiles and love that can be felt radiating from these two.

As Heavenly Father works according to what He knows is best, Ernie passed away the day after we took them to the school and out to lunch. It felt so strange and bitter sweet to know that we had spent some of that precious last time with them and taken them on their last outing together. I am feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to introduce Ernie to Lance and to be with him one more time before he went on. My family and I have loved Ernie for all the years and years that we have known him. He always called me the "Svenska Flicka" (Swedish Girl) and I vividly remember little things like how he actually loved to open doors for Magda. So here is to a great man who loves and great woman and the precious blessing they have been in my life. I love you Magda and Ernie.