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Heavenly Father Knows Best

While I was cleaning out my room today, I found these papers...Along with all the necessary forms all filled out and ready to submit... I don't know how many people knew this, but last fall I was planning on doing a study abroad in Sweden. I had a plan for how to save the necessary money needed for it that wouldn't be covered by my scholarship and grant. I was looking at places to live. I was seriously planning and very excited... Then one night when I was praying about it, I just felt empty. I felt like I just wasn't planning for the right thing. So I stopped just like that. My parents didn't understand why and neither did I, but I stopped planning and I decided not to go to Sweden after all.

About a month later I was having a very odd night (I forgot about this night until my Grandma reminded me)... This feeling was just overwhelming me. My grandma came into the room and saw me looking puzzled. She asked me what was the matter and I said, "I just feel like my whole life is about to change." She asked, "Like with school?" I responded, "No... I feel like I'm going to get married." We both were puzzled at that one since I wasn't even close to dating anyone so didn't see how it was possible.

Now it is 4 1/2 months later. I am not in Sweden. I am here. I am no longer confused. I am engaged to marry Lance Baxter... Time and time again Heavenly Father shows me that He always knows best. He always guides me in the direction that will bring me true happiness... He helped me find Lance.