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Institute Winter Formal - A Time To Dance

Last Friday was the institute winter formal - A Time to Dance! I was pretty excited to get to wear my old dress to something and just to be with Lance of course. :)

Snapping some pictures before we go...

My grandpa was giving Lance a nice, friendly glare so I had to keep telling Lance to look at the camera ha ha
We pull into the institute parking garage and Lance says, "We just need to make a quick stop before we go in." I say,"Ok. Where?" He says, "Back home to get the ticket," and drives out of the parking garage. Ha ha here is the infamous ticket in the paper!

Lance personalized my dessert :)
We went and took some pictures, which turned out fantastic! :)

Cori and her date, Stew, looking great!
And Heather and Mark looking so amazing :)
I had so much fun dancing my socks off with this boy! ... uh oh... Where are my socks? I've lost them again.

The cheesy smile that makes me want to pinch his cheek :)
Love my Corister :)

What a blast we all had! :)