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Lance's Triathlon

Last Saturday was Lance's triathlon! I went to play cheerleader, photographer, etc :)
Before the race Lance was warming up and I was warming up too... in a blanket that he happened to have in his car. Thank goodness! It was chilly!
Go Lance go! (silver speedo cap) I took about fifty pictures of him swimming and the entire time I was just hoping it was him because almost every guy in line to go was wearing black swim shorts and a silver speedo cap! Thankfully I got pictures of the right one :)
Waiting at the finish line for Lance to come in after his run!
Woot! Triathlete champ and cheerleader!

Swimming! :) ha ha
This was the end of the bike route and when he went to stop and unclick his shoes from the bike pedals the speed bump made him fall and scratch up his knee. We cleaned it and got it bandaged up. As we were walking to the car he goes, "Look my blood stain!" It was not his blood stain, in fact I'm pretty sure it was fluid from a car, but he would not be appeased until I took this picture of how tough he is with the giant blood stain. :)
What a champ! He finished in the top 40 of about 400+ competitors! Go Lance! :)