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Meeting the Baxter Family

So last weekend, Lance and I flew to Oakland to meet his family and go to his sister, Lindsey's wedding. We left Friday afternoon and while I was waiting for our flight the entire UCONN Huskies basketball team and their coach sat by me waiting for a different flight to Maui. It was interesting to listen to the coach show off his Hall of Fame and National Championship rings... ha ha
When we got to Lance's parents' house, we were bombarded by children! Lance is pretty much the favorite uncle and so since I walked in with him, I was pretty cool too apparently. :) It was so fun to hang out with all the cute kids!
Lance toting Piper around :)
Nathan (Lindsey's husband to be) got all the groomsmen knives as a thank you. :) Lance was very excited!
Lance's sister, Lisa and her adorable baby :)
We got up in the morning to prepare for the wedding and Lance snapped some shots from the back porch :)

At the Oakland temple, everyone went in for the sealing and I got to hang out with these little princesses in the Visitor's Center.
After the sealing everyone began to congregate for pictures :) This is Lance and his favorite cousin, Ben aka Bizz
Lindsey and Nathan right after coming out of the temple :)
The bride and groom with their parents :)
The wedding party :) What a group!
Ha ha ha :)
The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids :)
Bride and Bridesmaids... So gorgeous! :)
Groom and groomsmen... Look at those studly guys!
The ring exchange :)
So happy!
Lance and me in front of the temple :)

We can't help it :) Laughing and smiling is contagious!
Break time in between wedding and reception = football and laughing babies
Reception time! The theme was Jane Austen so there were gloves and pretty dresses, etc
The three musketeers!... with umbrellas instead of swords!
What a handsome guy :)
The attempted jumping picture :) We couldn't figure out how Lindsey got so much higher than everyone else until we noticed the hands on her waist.. Nathan helped her :)
The cake!
The guest signed picture frame :)
Cutting the cake...

Lance and two of his best friends, David and Jon! They are hilarious together!
Little Avery and me :)
Instead of just saran wrapping the car, they also kidnapped and saran wrapped the groom... :)
He was a good sport about it :)

What a fun weekend! I am so glad we were able to share in it! I loved meeting everyone! Congrats Lindsey and Nathan!