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Spring Break Adventures!

So for spring break my parents went to Charleston leaving the kids with me. I was the entertainer slash mom for the week. We went ice skating at Polar Ice...

(what a cute guy)
Jonas had an idea that we finally did. He learned to make count down chains in school (he made one for Christmas) and he decided we should make one for the wedding. So we did!
They cut all the strips while I glued and they designed and made the special last link on the chain :)

What sweet siblings...
Also had to babysit these puppies along with Skidunk (my grandparents were in OK to be with the Bogers). I just thought that Rudolph looked funny when I walked in so I snapped a picture.

Dinner at Red Robin... YUM!

Desert at JuJu Berry! :)

Overall it was a very fun (and stressful) week with the siblings :) I sure do love them and I love Lance for keeping me sane.