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Suns Game With the Family

In early December we went to the Suns game with my whole family, Lance, and Brookynn. It was the game that my dad and his NHS (National Honor Society) students fundraised and sold tickets for. They sold so many tickets that they were allowed to go down (my dad has done this once before) and stand in the tunnel where the Suns run out of and high five the whole team. Since one girl didn't really care to go down, I got to go and high five the Suns instead! :)
Standing in the tunnel :)
Pappa och jag
After the high fiving we all went up to our seats to cheer on the Suns! Sampson was working the game so Jonas was really excited to go get a free cookie from her :)

Brooklynn and I with the gorilla!
KineBritt and Weezy, one of the Sol Dance Team members!
The Orange Guy...
JJ's first NBA game!
We all got free drawstring back packs :)
Caught in the middle of a tickle fight? Perhaps...
Mommy, Pappa, and Mathea :)
Loved watching the game with my sweetie :) Only thing that could have made it better was if the Suns won!
Gangsta Gorilla :)

We had so much fun! :)
The Suns lost, but my dad considered the night to be a victory since he caught his first ever free T-shirt! ha ha! His best friend since high school (Ron) also caught one, so they were super excited :)