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Two Firsts: Fondue & Having a Boy Meet My Whole Family

So last Thursday, my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Karen decided to try their hands at making fondue. I have never had fondue, so it was also to be my first experience eating it. It was rather good :) Maddy and Tess voted YES on the chocolate fondue for dessert! I love Kaj in the background of this picture too :)
Me: Smile everyone!
Tess' thoughts: Do not ever bother me while I am eating chocolate covered marshmellows!
Mom, Robby, and Kaj and just hanging/sleeping/checking their phones. :)
And Mr. Lance Baxter himself was also present :) He fit right in and seemed to love meeting everyone! (I did not bribe him to be nice by letting him play with Legos) :) What an awesome day!