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A Valentine's Dinner at Chick Fil A

I have discovered that a vast majority of people seem to think that Valentine's day has to be this explosion of showing affection through massive money spending... Personally I am way more into sweet gestures and quality time than gifts. Don't get me wrong, it's always nice to give or receive a gift, but expensive gifts should not be the make it or break it of Valentine's day. Props to all those guys who set up treasure hunts, heart attack their girl's front door, write a poem, or anything else that takes love and time, but not tons of money.

My Valentine's Day was not at all what I thought it would be- not in that Lance forgot it was Valentine's Day or anything, but rather that I did not expect my car to break down while driving 70mph on the freeway in heavy traffic. It was a huuuuge adrenaline rush and I was definitely shaken up about it. I managed to get my car into a neighborhood off the next exit, but it also happened to be a pretty scary neighborhood. After waiting for about an hour, the towing guy showed up and then came Lance to the rescue... We continued with our plans for dinner and a movie and Lance took me to Chick Fil A (I love Chick Fil A!) for dinner. They put on a special Valentine's night dinner with a red carpet, table cloths, fancy menus, flowers for the girls, live string band, candle light, waiters, etc. It was very nice to go there and just have a breather and be with Lance.

After dinner we went to the movies and since "True Grit" didn't start for 2 hours we went to see "The Green Hornet"... Bad idea. The movie was littered with foul language and we just really thought it ended up being a waste of our time. So Valentine's Day was not that great except for dinner and being with Lance... here's the thing though, Lance is good at making regular days like a Valentine's Day even when Valentine's Day turns out not so amazing. That's the neat thing about us. We love to love each other and be as happy as can be and we help each other with that so much. So here's to every single day that can be a Valentine's Day when I'm with Lance...