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The Wildlife World Zoo

On Christmas Eve my siblings, Dad, Lance, Brianna, and I went to the Wildlife World Zoo! I hadn't been there since I was little!
I haven't gotten a shoulder ride since I was little either :)
Since then, they have added the aquarium section of the zoo!

They even have a part where you can pet and feed manta rays!

How cool! You take a piece of squid or shrimp and stick it in between your pointer and middle finger! Then a ray comes up and engulfs half your hand and sucks out the food! Such a wierd feeling!
You also get to feed the Lori Parrots! Everyone held apples as the birds flew all over and ate them :)
One bird just wanted to eat Kaj :)

Staring contest :)

Oh dad...

We also got to feed the giraffes!

Look at that cute face :)
Jonas screamed everytime the tongue got close to his hand :)

Being animals: Tiger, Koala Bear, and Fish :)
Such a blast! I love them so much!