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Preparation Day!

The day before our wedding was packed with things to do. First, Lance got up really early to golf with my dad and my Uncle Joe since there would not really be another occasion to do so for a long time. They had fun :)
Next we (Lance, me, and both of our families who were in the valley) headed over to the church building to set up the reception for the next day. We ran into quite the problem when the lady who was bringing the whole tent fabric and lights and decorations stopped at Home Depot on the way over. Her husband needed to grab one last thing for the set up, but while they were there some RAN A FORKLIFT THROUGH THEIR TRUCK! What?! Yeah insane. I know. Eventually someone else got a truck out there and brought the trailers of decorations to the church building. We finally got going!
Slowly, but surely it came together with all of the wonderful family and friends that were there to help!
Grandpa built the gazebo for the cake table and also set up so all of the doors would stand behind the receiving line! They looked great!
Dad and Lance hard at work :) Just kidding. This is during lunch. Hungry Howie's pizza for all!
Here we go!!! The magic behind the reception. My Aunt Marci was brilliant!
Of course even the little ones helped, like my cute cousins!
Oh and I had to post this for Brooklyn Bauer! :) You were represented! We missed you girl!
Later that evening when we finally came home to my parents' house, we had some of our close friends over for a little quiet get together with games, movie, popcorn, and even story time with the storybook that our very own Cori Tagg wrote for us! It was lovely!
Hark, Meather, Charlotte, Justin, Miles, Corister, Mauna, Dave, and Scott were all there and we loved seeing them all! :)
After the movie finished (we watched The Singles Ward in honor of getting married), everyone left (except Cori who stayed to spend the night with me) and Lance and I sat and finished our last two chapters of the Book of Mormon. We did it! We read the Book of Mormon together aloud before we got married and it felt wonderful! :) Let tomorrow come!