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Salt Lake Saturday!

Two weeks ago Lance and I decided to fly up to Salt Lake for a day to visit Cori and go to a session at the temple. (I love having airline perks) It was quite the strange day for weather. When we arrived it was hot, but by the evening when we left, it was cold and rainy! It was beautiful though...

Cori had a picnic with us and then left to go to her cousin's graduation. While she was there, we did a session in the temple. It was amazing! We are so grateful that our ancestors spent 40 years building that beautiful temple. It truly is a house of the Lord.

After we were done going through the temple, Cori was done too and we all went to the church history museum across the street from temple square. We all had fun playing with the General Conference pulpit.

They also had an exhibit about hispanic heritage where you could dress up and learn cultural dances. We rocked that game!

After a nice gander through Deseret Book, we then went over to Crown Burger (WOOT WOOT!) and ate dinner there. Delicious! We loved it!
Finally we went to see the Kristus before Cori took us back to the airport.
What a fun Saturday! We sure do miss our Cori!