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Trip to Danville/Oakland/Cali Home!

Last week Lance and I jumped at the chance to fly up to Cali for a day! His vacation ended Sunday so we wanted to visit his parents before then. When we landed, his dad picked us up and we had dinner at a place called Primo's while his mom was finishing up helping with voting. Primo's was delicious! It was also quite the adventure as we ended up at a table next to a whole little league team doing their end-of-season trophy ceremony. LOUD to say the least ha ha!

To thank us for being patient with the kids and get rid of her extras, one mom from the team gave us cupcakes she had made for the event... Cutest cupcakes ever! So delicious too! I was thoroughly delighted! We also got a ton of Lance's childhood pictures while we were there and GOLLY he was an adorable child! We are going to have CUTE babies!
Speaking of children, we went to a store in Danville called McCullough's and Lance found the trains that he played with in the store as a child. Memories flooded back and he couldn't tear himself away from the trains for fully 15 minutes. I perused a little, but I couldn't help but observe him in this tranced state... it was sort of beautiful. The way his eyes sparkled like a child's. I am so in love with him. Next time we go up will be for our reception there on July 9th! Yay!