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California Reception

So these pictures are a little late, but settling back in after all of our adventures has been quite the task and we are still trying to get settled before I start school again. Here are a few highlight pictures from our reception in Oakland with all of Lance's family. It was certainly fun and the dancing was divine! The Baxter family are all about gettin it on the dance floor and so it was a blast to all of them there! Our friend, Jon, took some pictures of us in San Fran at the Palace of Fine Arts...

Oh yeah! Mary Poppins style!
And of course we had to have the mismatching sock picture...
And he also snapped some pictures of us at the Oakland temple, which is beautiful! We were the first of all of Lance's eight siblings not to get sealed there, so we took some pictures instead. :)
Pinky promise... forever!
Here is the whole clan just before the reception! Woo hoo!


Overall we had a blast and I was happy I got to wear the dress again! For all the pictures, you can click the link below: