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Johnson Family Surprise Reunion/Shenanigans

For Grandma Johnson's birthday this year my aunts in Minnesota and in Washington came all the way to AZ with their families to surprise her with the ENTIRE family being there! So she and my grandpa came over to my Aunt Kendelle's house for a dinner and BAM!!! 19 grandkids pop our from around the corner! It was awesome! She was in shock! Anyway we all spent the next several days having dinners together and hanging out while everyone was there. Shenanigans ensued. Linda was on fly duty.
It was a really fun time and we finished it all off by all going to Culver's for icecream! Yum!
There were so many of us that we couldn't all fit in one picture so we had multiples. :)

We are such an awesome family! And all the family who hadn't yet gotten to meet Lance was able to do so. They loved him! Sam especially was hanging out with us the whole time :)

The goodbyes were sad, but happy! Love you guys!