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FHE (Family Home Evening) Despicable Me Style!

We found this great idea last week and just HAD to try it for FHE! We went to our Johnson parents house on Monday night to try it out! All you need is twinkies, smarties, cupcakes, frosting (with food coloring if you prefer), and some sort of black frosting or gel to draw the faces with and you have: MINION CUPCAKES! :)
KineBritt got quite creative with hers!
I went classic!
And Lance made a twin :)
Before we knew it! Minions were taking over the fridge!
So now we knew how awesome it worked, we had FHE with the West family and we made all these little beauties while watching Despicable Me! They turned out great!
Lance made this one from the scene in the movie where the minions are laughing at the gurgling water in the dispenser! It was my favorite one!

The West family and their minions!
Lance and I and our minions! It's so fun! Try it out!