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Three is a Magic Number

The 14th of August made it three months that I have been sealed to my best friend... So I woke him up with a little breakfast in bed and a candy poster...
It was very romantic with the milk in these lovely glasses... :) ha ha
Yes, I tried to write I "heart" U on the toaster strudles in frosting. It sort of worked. :) The picture was for his locker at work.
Well we had a nice Sunday and then on Tuesday, as my gift, we took a day trip (which is another awesome perk of my husband working for US Airways) and went to San Diego... Here he is being charming. :)
We went through Little Italy and stopped at a restaurant that one of his coworkers had recommended for lunch. When you walk in, it only looks like a tiny bakery, but squeeze through to the back and WOW it opens up into a dim lit lovely little nook where delicious food is served!

Yes, that is my MONSTER meatball that came on my spaghetti!
This is the place and we highly recommend it if you are ever visiting San Diego!
We then took the trolley and the bus over to Mission Beach.
We set up camp there and played, napped, and kissed in the sun on the sand...

What a hunk!

Well it was amazing! Just what I needed to give me a boost before school. I am so grateful for the marriage I have with my sweetheart.