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The Color She Gave Me

My first day in an actual first grade classroom was quite unnerving, I'm not going to lie. I had been taught for two years what to do when you get into an elementary education classroom, but now I was actually in one. I was scared and not sure how it would go. The students were hyper and yelling all day. It was their first experience having desks and organized work because kindergarten was not so structured. Halfway through the day a little girl walked up, "Mrs. Baxter?" and when I looked over at her, she handed me a paint set. I was sitting in front of the craft corner, so I thought she had handed it to me to put away. Later that day my mentor teacher mentioned how it was cute that the little girl had asked her permission to give me a gift... A gift? I realized she was giving me HER paint set. Another teacher remarked that it had taken her a year and a half to even get this girl to say something aloud to her because she is so quiet. I remembered her whispering, "Mrs. Baxter?" and thought of the names of all of my impactful elementary school teachers. I knew that the title of "Mrs. Baxter" would not only be my name, but a title to stand for good in some classroom as I continued in my career. I looked at the paint set with new insight... almost like a treasure. "Should I give it back to her? I didn't know she was giving it me," I told them both, but they assured me that she would only be upset if I didn't take this small gift that was all she had to offer. So grinning like a child who has made off with a treasure, I left for home happy- not because I had paint, but because of the color she gave me.