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Date Night = Continued Sanity

I have been slowly figuring out how to cope with this whole school, work, church calling, no free time deal. One thing I have realized is that Date Night = continued sanity. Sometimes when we get busy, I feel like the only time I am with Lance are the few hours each night that we get to pass out in the same bed. So we have made a doubly large effort to keep up with a weekly date night. Last week for our date night, I didn't get off of school until eight, but as soon as I got off we drove up to the lake and had a picnic under the stars.

The stars are always so much more brilliant when you get away from the city lights. We had a race to see who could spot a satellite and I won! :) We also saw a skunk, a racoon, and a jack rabbit up close! :) The lights over the water were just lovely and it was a nice escape with the one I love.