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The Day Before I Left Nineteen Behind

Last friday Lance was able to get a morning shift at work so that I could have a birthday dinner with him, since he would be working the next evening (on my birthday) and I would be too. So to make a fun night, we went over to my family's house and I told my siblings to wear what they wanted for me to take pictures of them. Kine snapped this one of Lance and I.
I really got on a roll with adorable pictures of them! :) All we did was walk around the neighborhood and I picked out spots I like and snapped pictures! :)
Here is my favorite one of my sister, KineBritt!
My handsome guy... this is like the best screensaver EVER!
My little brother, Jonas, being adorable. :)
My sister, Mathea, posing perfectly!
And here are a few others...
Including Mr. Bee that who we met along the way.
After the camera fun (and once the photographer/pre-birthday girl was satisfied) we took my siblings to Red Robin to have a birthday dinner for me. We played with our fruit skins and had a jolly ole time...
And I actually thought I would escape without being sung to... but alas, Jonas (yes my 7-year-old brother) told the waitress that it was my birthday when I wasn't paying attention. I was scared out of my wits when they all walked up and sang reallllly loudly! But I did get free ice cream out of the deal so who am I to complain? It was sooo fun to be with them!