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The Dinner That Was Going to Be Normal Until It Turned Into A Birthday Dinner

So here I was, soooo excited to go over to Sam (my best friend since way back in the day)'s house for dinner. I just thought it was going to be a normal dinner. How wrong I was! Mary (my other mom/Sam's mom) cooked up a delicious creation of homemade Swedish meatballs with sauce, noodles, and veggies! Ahhh heaven! Not only that, but I had birthday cupcakes to boot! And I thought I would get away without having birthday cake... :) Sam got me saltines (it's an annual birthday tradition since that's how we met- long story, maybe later). She also got me some lovely picture frames (you can never go wrong giving a photographer picture frames) and wrote me a card that made me cry. It was a congratulations on your new baby card, but that's not what made me cry. Sam just really wants me to have babies. :) I cried because I am so lucky to have her as my bestest friend!
Sometimes in life you have great friends, but as you move to new phase of your life, they seem to move on too. Sam is that friend that will never move on too far to be my friend. I love her to death. She is loyal and I can't tell you how many times she has stuck up for me. She is that friend I know says good things about me to people when I am not there. She is brilliant and hard working. She is the future nurse of my children and she never fails to make me laugh. I love my Sampson.

She took all of our blood pressures and heart rates after dinner to get some practice for her nursing test (which she aced this morning like I new she would). She will be a great nurse.
I got to cuddle with Titan... which always makes me happy.
It just doesn't get much better than this.
So needless to say, Lance and I had a wonderful time with Sam, Mary, Elayna, Don, the dogs, and another couple who the Hoskyns are friends with. We always LOVE seeing them! We are so lucky to have a second family who loves us so much!
After dinner, we stopped by my parents to see my family for a bit. My dad has the same birthday as me- yes, I was born on his birthday and coincidentally, his first day as a high school teacher as well. So we have spent every birthday together, but this year he had a weekend vacation with my mom, so it was our first birthday apart. Here are the pictures to make up for that. He turned 45 and I turned 20! Yay!
I have the best dad ever.