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Kaua'i, Hawaii

Now you may remember a few posts back, that Lance made a puzzle scavenger hunt for my birthday and on the note it said that my birthday gift was a trip to Hawaii. Well here it is! Our wonderful weekend trip:
The whole island was like a dream...
The waterfalls were incredible!
Lance loved this one so much that he had to give it a smooch. I was a lil' jealous. :)
And let the ooo's and ahhh's ensue...

If there is one thing to know about Kaua'i, it's that there are chickens LITERALLY EVERYWHERE! I don't know why but they are. In Costco, at the airport, on every road, there are chickens!
Took this picture for my grandpa who takes us to lunch and gives us only the options of McDonalds or Costco. :) We went to get some pineapples to bring home and to get some food so we wouldn't need to buy anything on Sunday (we arrived on Saturday).
Like I said... EVERYWHERE!
FYI, this island is where the movies Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and several Elvis movies such as Girls! Girls! Girls! were filmed!
For dinner on Saturday night we ate at a place called Puka dog on the recommendation of several people. It did NOT disappoint! :) Seriously the best hot dog I have ever had! We loved it! Plus they have all sorts of yummy island relishes!

After grabbing our food at Puka Dog, we drove over to see Spouting Horn. It's a spot where the water flows through the rocks and shoots up with the crashing waves! Magnificent!

Awww! I would love to do a bridal shoot on the beach for someone one day!
After we saw Spouting Horn, we drove over to a little beach to watch the sun set.
And TA DA!!! We saw a sea turtle napping on the beach! They come up to get a little sun and then usually leave after sunset. This one opened his eyes to look up at me and then went back to sleep. Sooo CUTE! :)

In case anyone was wondering, we take all of our pictures by ourselves using settings, tripod, and timer. :) LOVE!
The lava rock in the ocean is so beautiful...

That night we sat on the beach next to our hotel and took some exposure shots of the stars. It was an incredible sight.

Sunday morning we went to see the falls in better lighting...
Squinty eye picture :)
Ah that's better! :)
After the falls, we headed over to church. It was fun to say, "Aloha!" so many times. :)

The church building has long french doors down the entire sacrament room so you can easily see the flowers and greenery outside. Awesome!

After church we went to see a little bit more of the island...

We ate dinner on another beach and were utterly content :)

It was also 9/11 that day... To see what I wrote about my memory of that day click here

We spent the rest of Sunday bumming on beach chairs and admiring all of Heavenly Father's lovely creations.


Monday morning we headed over to Tunnels Beach to go snorkeling by the reef. We were excited to try out all our suits and gear that we got in Craigslist for a GREAT price!

We saw a fish of just about every color combination down there!

I love holding his hand everywhere we go. The best part is, he likes holding my hand too!

So amazing to see all of those sea creatures!

After we finished, we went back to the hotel, showered, checked out and headed into town to look around until it was time for us to head to the airport. We bought some amazing island fruit to try. Starfruit is DELICIOUS! You eat it as is and you don't have to peel it or anything.
Lovely shell wind chime :)
We also had coconut milk! Lance has had it a lot from when he served his mission in Brazil, but it was my first time tasting it. It wasn't too bad!
Cute clothespin hula girls :)
Lance being a dolphin :)
All over the island they have signs for "Shave Ice." Not "shaved," but "shave." So we had to try this infamous shave ice... well worth it! Especially with the ice cream scoop underneath!
Oh and see my lei? Everyone kept asking where I got it because it is hard to find real handmade ones like that. Well, Lance and I had driven past a little house on Sunday that had a painted sign saying "Flower Lei for $5.00." Then on Monday morning when we were driving back from Tunnels Beach, we went back to that house and got one. Gorgeous flowers and the little lady that made it was so cute.
They have the neatest hair flowers!
Playing around in the gift shops :)

There were ocean paintings everywhere!
Life sized Lincoln Logs! Awesome!
After we got our Fridge magnet (we collect them from everywhere we go) and some hair flowers for me (yay!) we went back to the beach... It's kind of the best part of Hawaii! This picture basically sums up my husband's personality!

He's such a hunk!
Just spending some quality time with Pinky. He is our dollar store blow up flamingo that I brought with us. :)

Just about anywhere is a good place to slow dance :)
This is our friend, Herman. Lance waited for him to come out of his hole and when he saw Lance taking his picture, he froze and you could almost hear his little crabby brain say, "Awww crap." He was cute!
We also saw a baby sea turtle in the water!
There it is! So cute!

And not pictured is me clamoring up onto a big tree that had fallen over into the ocean, scraping my leg on the wipe out part, falling off into the water, getting sucked under a wave, and then smashed by another one... I wasn't supposed to get wet either. Lance was on the other side of the log when it happened so he couldn't get to me very quickly. He said his heart sank and he was so scared for me when he saw me fall. The whole way down I just thought, "I look so stupid right now." Ha ha oh well... After I changed into dry clothes in a bathroom and used paper towels to dry off, we found this little place called Bubba's Burgers for dinner.
We had an excellent dinner wathcing the ocean from the patio. :) We would highly recommend this place as well! After we ate we headed over to drop off the rental car and take our flight home! We were so lucky to make both the flight there and back home on the first try. For those of you who don't get why, it's because we have free flights since Lance works for US Airways, BUT we can only fly standby. This means that if the plane is full, we can't get on. So we were blessed to be on both the flights we wanted!
Anyway it was a wonderful trip and I will leave you with a paper I wrote about it as a quickwrite for my Language Arts class:

Have you ever been to a place that seemed to steal your mind away? Have you ever been to a place and even when you left it, you could never get it out of your thoughts? I have. I went to Kauai, Hawaii. Now I am back in Mesa, Arizona, and yet, all the things that I saw, smelled, heard, and felt in Hawaii are still lingering in my mind. It’s as though they want to fill my brain and never let go. Kauai was undoubtedly the most sensory place that I have ever been to. My eyes were overwhelmed at the dream-like scenery that they took in. There were waterfalls tumbling down from mountains that reached beyond the clouds, flowers of every shape and color bursting forth in bloom, and the bright blue ocean ebbing and flowing in every direction. The light of the sun sparkled in my husband’s eyes entrancing me. My mind relaxed as the intoxicating smells of mango, starfruit, pineapple, coconut, and ocean air filled my nostrils. It was as though God had taken all of the best air freshener scents in the world and doused that whole island with them. As we drove around all I could hear were the sounds of the exotic birds calling to each other, the ocean waves crashing against the shore, and the ukulele music that all of the richly cultured Hawaiian people love to play. I felt as though the sun was trying to kiss my skin, rather than trying to fry it, like it does in Arizona. I felt fish swimming curiously around my body as I swam in the ocean holding my husband’s hand. I felt sand squishing through my toes as though it wanted to wrap around every part of me and just love me. I felt the water reaching up to touch my feet as I lay on the beach as if it were begging me to come and play. I fell in the water as little waves crashed down on me trying to make me stay. The palm trees almost seemed to reach out of their way to pull a blanket of shade over me. It seemed as though all of my senses were simply captivated by that enchanting place. I am truly thrilled, looking forward to the next time that I can visit that wonderland again with my husband.

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