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Meeting Elder Malm

Last week was Stake Conference for my parents (for anyone not mormon, every mormon person is in a ward which just means the boundaries of the area that you live in and that area all attends church together- a stake is several wards combined). They were having their stake presidency released, which means that two members from the quorom of the seventy come and call a new presidency. We had heard that one of the members coming would be Elder Per G. Malm who is the only member of the seventy who is from Sweden. :) This = my family very excited! So my dad decided we weould go an hour early to see if we could maybe meet him and speak some Swedish with him. But then, the night before the conference, my dad received a call that Elder Malm had heard about our family and how we speak Swedish and wanted to meet with us before the conference. AWESOME! :) So we all went (except Kaj who we all miss) to meet Elder Malm. He was shocked that a whole family from America were fluent and native sounding Swedish speakers all from my father serving his mission there. It was neat! Even Lance, who is working very hard to become fluent like the rest of my family, answered several questions correctly asked in Swedish! I have an awesome husband! So we got to meet a great Swede and took a picture with him too. So this is my whole family (parents, siblings minus one brother, and husband) with Elder Malm.

He is a very neat man and a great servant to Heavenly Father. We listened to him speak and the spirit testified to me of these truths. To familiarize you with Elder Malm, here is an excerpt from his last General Conference Talk:

In downtown Gothenburg, Sweden, there is a broad boulevard with beautiful trees on each side. One day I saw a hole in the trunk of one of the huge trees, so I curiously looked inside and saw that the tree was completely hollow. Hollow yes, but empty no! It was filled with all sorts of waste.

I was surprised that the tree could still stand. So I looked up and saw a wide steel belt mounted around the upper part of the trunk. Attached to the belt were several steel wires, and they in turn were fastened and anchored to nearby buildings. From a distance it looked like the other trees; it was only when looking inside that one could detect that it was hollow instead of having a solid, strong trunk. Many years earlier something had started the process of weakening the trunk a little bit here and a little bit there. It did not happen overnight. However, just like a young tree grows bit by bit into a sturdy tree, so we can grow step by step in our capacity to be solid and filled from the inside out, in contrast to the hollow tree.

It is through the healing Atonement of Jesus Christ that we may have the strength to stand tall and strong and to have our souls be filled—with light, understanding, joy, and love. His invitation is extended to “all to come unto him and partake of his goodness; and he denieth none that come unto him” (2 Nephi 26:33). His promise is:

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."