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My Ideal Classroom

Recently for a school project I had to interview some of my first graders to get their points of view about the classroom environment that they are in. Since my first graders can't do the same interview process as the older kids, I had to do it like this: I asked all the kids to draw a picture of their classroom. Then I asked them to flip the paper over and draw a picture of their ideal or "dream" classroom. There were tons of X-boxes and rainbows and swimming pools and I was amazed by the creativity of all these little kids! Then they asked to see what I had drawn. ALL of them were super anxious to know what mine looked like... Well I hadn't even thought of drawing one, but they all seemed so excited that I promised that I would. So I did...

Here is my ideal classroom:

Yep that's Super Lance... nothing would be my ideal anything without him there. :) And on the bookshelf behind him are our turtles in their tank. As you can see, there are also TONS of books and my camera!

There is a picnic blanket that we will have lunch on everyday and there is our future puppy! My laptop so I can work on picture and blog, and my Ipod for music. There are also two beanbags for us to sit on.

And no classroom would be complete without an American flag :)

If only this was what my classrooms looked like everyday...