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What Is Love?

Haddaway put it well when he asked that question about a million times... I'll tell you what love is in my life.

Love is sitting in a classroom and the only thing you can think about is being finished so you can go home to him. Love means that when you are home together its like a dream... All you want to do is snuggle. Love mean kissing him is the most magical thing that has ever happened to you. Love means when you are home alone in bed waiting for him to get off late from work all you want to do is watch "P.S. I Love You" and other sappy chick flicks and dream about when he walks through the front door. Love is leaving notes for each other everywhere. Love is him cleaning up the house because you are swamped with homework. Love is him still dating you and taking you to the temple every week. Love is this feeling that burns inside of me like everything in my world revolves around him and the way I feel in his arms. Love is day dreaming about things that are real. Love is the thing that I always assumed and now know was SO worth waiting for.

And there it is folks... out in the open for ya'll to know: I'm a hopeless romantic and people called me silly, but I was RIGHT! :)