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Awesome Weekend Things & Winner

So here are some of our awesome weekend things:

My husband made friends with one of our neighbors who works for Snapfish! He is suuuper nice and let Lance have two free prints! Lance slyly asked me which were my favorite pictures from our Hawaii trip, so I told him. He got them printed and surprised me with them a few weeks ago! Then a week ago Lance and I went yard sailing and successfully found huge frames that were just the right size for awesome prices! Finally, this weekend, I pried out all of the 100 wood staples (since both frames had been professionally framed) to put our pictures in! TA DA...

I am so excited to put them up somewhere... I just don't know where yet. :) I also had my little brother, Jonas with me. Back in February for his birthday, Lance and I promised him a ride in our friend's Porsche (since Jonas LOVES cars). He seemed disinterested when he opened it, but about a month ago he found the card again and has been bugging us to take him. :) So we decided this would be birthday present weekend. He was with me at my grandma's while I framed the pictures and he kept saying how he wanted to keep the old tattered matting so he could put a picture up in his room. Well my Grandma gave him a little frame with a rocking horse on it so he could frame something. Then Jonas and I headed home to the apartment to wait for Lance to get off of work. While I worked on some pictures from a photoshoot I had done earlier, he put on the movie Rio. After a while I noticed that he wasn't watching the movie though. He was sitting and coloring something with a very concentrated look on his face. As the movie credits were rolling, he came over and showed me what he had been doing. He had been drawing me to put up in the frame in his room...
Yeah so what if my heart melted into a little puddle. Anyway, the next morning, Jonas was up by six ready to go... Lance and I were not. Ha ha. After a bit we got up and made breakfast. Finally we headed out to take JJ on his Porsche ride... he was only a LOT excited. So we arrived and JJ brought his bunny, James, with him. (sidenote: About a year ago I surprised Jonas and took him to Build A Bear to make a stuffed animal because he was the only one in my family who hadn't gone. He made James... I am proud to say James is still his favorite toy and gets dragged EVERYWHERE... even to Sweden this past summer. James was even at my wedding wearing a tuxedo that matched JJ's. I am so glad I took him to make James!) So here they are getting in!
After some driving, we pulled over to take some pictures and JJ was very excited to sit in the driver's seat!

Jonas' favorite things about the car were the red brake callipers,
the spoiler,
the yellow seat belts, and the yellow stitching in the leather!
We had an awesome time!
And the car was waay neat! :)
After our joy ride, we went to Bahama Bucks to take Jonas to the infamous "place where you get umbrellas in your drink." He loved that too! He had Key Lime Pie and Lance and I shared the same flavor we always get- Strawberry Daiquiri with cream!
I love his little toothless smile. He has one front tooth growing in, the other still gone, and two teeth gone on the bottom too! :)
So needless to say, it was fun. We also had a huge family dinner Sunday night which was a blast! On to the My Memories Giveaway winner:

Drum roll please...

Number 8 is:

Congrats Katherine! Email me to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone who participated!