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Crafty Crafty Me :)

So here is that latest little craft made for our home. I am so excited to use it! It's a dinner menu whiteboard for the week!

So if you are thinking, "That is so cute! I want to make one!" it's super easy. All you need is a frame with glass, a piece of cool scrapbook paper, dry erase marker, printer, and flower or decoration for the sides if you prefer.

Step 1: Type a word document with the days of the week that you want listed on your board (we always have dinner with family on Sunday so I left it off).

Step 2: Print the document on the cute scrapbook paper and put the paper in the frame.

Step 3: Hot glue on a few decorations around the outside of the frame.

Step 4: Write on the meals you are having for the week! Ta da!

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Source: None via LanceandSiri on Pinterest