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A Different Kind of Date That Matters

So one of the things that I have discovered in marriage (and from watching my parents) is that a weekly date is very important and helpful in keeping two married people as in love and sane as ever. Some weeks, I just know I'll be ok if I can hang on until date night. Dates really matter! But last Friday, my parents, who go on a date every Friday night, called me asking me to babysit my little brother. Usually Jonas (7 years old) gets left with my 11 and 15 year old sisters, but they had a school function all night. As I was heading over I remembered how once Jonas had complained about how mom and dad go on dates, Lance and I go on dates, Kaj (our brother in Utah) goes on dates, KineBritt (our 15 year old sister) will get to go on dates soon too, but he never gets to go on dates. So I decided, it would be date night for Jonas and I. I told him to dress nice in a button up shirt and church pants and shoes and we were going to go somewhere extra fancy... He was so excited that he put a tuxedo on his stuffed rabbit, James, and brought him along.
Then we headed out for... Olive Garden! Jonas has never been anywhere really nice like that so I briefed him on etiquette on our way over. He was literally ecstatic when he saw where we were eating. "Mathea (our 10 year old sister) says this place has really yummy minty chocolates you get after dinner!" was the first exclamation from him! Then as we waited for our food he carefully ate about 4 bread sticks without placing his elbows on the table. "This bread is sooo good!" after every single one. As I ate my salad, I rolled the olives onto his plate because I don't like them and he does. He picked one up and said, "Take my picture! I have an olive at Olive Garden! Get it?"
Needless to say I had a BLAST with my sweet little brother, hoarding his adorableness all to myself for a night. And yes, he loved the minty chocolates!
After dinner, we snagged a bag of cotton candy from Target's $1 section and went home to watch "Puss in Boots" with it. Of course we had to make some mustaches as well. Basically the whole night was wonderful and I even though it was a different kind of date, I could see how much it mattered. I love my baby brother so much! :)

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