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It's This Relationship I Have With the Rain

Sometimes I think the rain is like a friend that I have loved all my life... It surrounds me and pours over me, leaving nothing dry. It loves it when we dance. It talks to God with me. It literally floods my soul, discarding every worry or sadness. Maybe it's just because I am from Arizona that I love the rain, but I like to think we would have a special relationship no matter where I was.

Actually I think the sun got jealous of the rain and I becoming so close. That's why he has kept the rain away this year. He even tried to make me love him, by fabricating rain on me, but I knew it was just sweat and I still didn't love him. I knew in my heart that the rain still loved me though and was honestly trying to come to me. Finally, this week, it broke through and it came straight to me.

While on my way home from class on Tuesday, a noticed a few sprinkles of water sloshed onto my windshield... Then it him me- downpour! I snapped a terrible picture out my car window, lest it be gone by the time I get home in a few minutes. The drops were like a torrential fall of shooting stars to me!

I made it home with rain still pouring and as I stepped out of my truck, I realized that my husband was standing out in the gravel in front of our apartment, in the dark and rain doing something. I squinted. He had bowls... Several different bowls were sitting in the rocks. "Honey?" I called to him because the rain was so loud that he hadn't heard me pull up. When he saw me, a look of pure excitement burst across his face and I knew just what he was thinking! We threw my backpack inside and kicked our shoes off. Outside again, we ran out to the corner of the sidewalk where we had no cover or overhang... and we danced. In the pouring rain, giggling like children, kissing, and spinning. I introduced my lifelong love to my eternal best friend. The rain isn't jealous like the sun. It loves it when I love other people and it knew I loved Lance incredibly much, so it kept pouring just for us. It soaked our clothes and pulled us closer to each other.

"Sweetheart?" I asked, "What are all the bowls for?"

"Well I was afraid it would stop raining before you made it home, so I was catching some rain for you."

And that's when I knew my eternal best friend loved my love for the rain. So I hummed and twirled and kissed and danced some more. Because all the sadness and stress was washed out of my soul for just a little bit, and I knew God was in that rain.

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