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29th Birthday in Life - First Birthday with Wifey

Last Saturday was my husband's 29th birthday and his 1st birthday with me! (I know he doesn't look 29 at all) Sadly I had a 12 page paper due on Sunday, and since I don't do homework on Sunday (as a religious preference so that I focus more on God and family that day) I had to finish it by his birthday. So although I didn't get to devote all my time that day to him, I did my best. I woke up before he did and cooked up some Swedish pancakes. (They are his favorite. Fitting since he married the Swedish girl right?)
I have always like eating them with whipped cream, but Lance likes powdered sugar more, so we had both, along with jelly and fresh chopped strawberries.
I also had time to decorate just a bit before he was getting up.
And I got out the cake that I had prepared the night before. Not bad for a first time cake decorater eh? Lance is in LOVE with Jeeps and his favorite color is green so I went with it. I thought about writing, "Jeepers! It's your birthday!" but I couldn't bring myself to be so cheesy ha ha!
So then came the birthday boy! Still squinty eyed from just waking up! Happy birthday Honey!
We had our breakfast together and managed to get down about 9 pancakes. They are thin, but nine is still a lot! ;)
Then I showed him his cake! :) He liked it! My poor attempt at cake decorating was a success!
And here he is with his favorite gift: A Lego set of course. Lance is incredibly gifted when it comes to Legos.
Then while I had to work on my paper, Lance went out to some places that give you free food for your birthday. The result: One Denny Grand Slam (pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs) + One Meal at Joe's Barbeque (pulled barbeque burger, cheesy potatoes, lemonade) + One large smoothie at Planet Smoothie = $0
And thus we have a happy birthday boy!
Then after I worked on my paper more, we got ready and went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. We were both in need of a sit down restaurant dinner together and were so grateful that some people though to give us giftcards from our wedding to those places for date nights.
I got that lovely "Birthday Boy" sticker for Lance to wear all night and he was a happy camper as we ordered our steaks and had some delicious bread and fries while waiting.
I think he had to take this goofy picture of me since I had been taking pictures of him all day. :)
Then as the we were waiting for our food, I managed to convince Lance that he had something in his teeth and he needed to go to the bathroom and get it out. As soon as he left, I ran to the nearest server and told them it was my husbands birthday. Lance came back out and said, "I think it was just a small gap in my teeth." I tried not to laugh. We finished our food, the server cleared our table, and Lance got out our coupon and giftcard to pay. Just then our server walked up and called out, "Attention ladies and gentlemen! We have an Outback birthday!" Lance smiled and looked around casually with a face that read, "Oh that's cool. Someone has the same birthday as me." Then with a sudden realization as seven servers closed in around our table to sing, utter shock burst across his face. I would have given almost anything to have gotten it on film. It was amazing! They sang as he sat dumbfounded and blushed. :) He couldn't believe how well I had surprised him with that and we laughed hysterically as we ate his complimentary birthday ice cream! It was a good time and I won't forget it!