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A Little Blogger Love

Well I do indeed feel special today. I was given an award from Ashley over at her blog, All Things Ashley. It was a sweet gesture on a day when I really needed one!

So here to go with this award, I am supposed to tell you seven random things about myself. I did this before, so I will go for new, random things... with a theme.

1) I LOVE biscuits and gravy.
2) True I was born and raised in AZ, but my dad graduated from USC (University of South Carolina) and so I learned to speak while living in South Carolina.
3) Other than Sweden, my favorite place in the world is Myrtle Beach, SC.
4) If I talk to someone with a southern drawl for more than half an hour, mine creeps up and comes out.
5) My great aunt from SC calls me her "doll baby."
6) I say "lightning bug" instead of "firefly."
7) I once helped my dad rescue a box tortoise from the middle of a freeway when I was about eight or nine. I named him Bentonville because we were driving through Bentoville, AR. My aunt was not very happy when we brought it home. (She HATES any and all reptiles)

So there you have it! A glimpse of a part of me that perhaps you didn't know about!
Now as for the next part, I am supposed to award three more bloggers to receive the award. Here are some of my newest friends and their blogs are so awesome! So here goes:

- Kerri at Buttercups and Blue Scrubs
- Angela at Grahangela
- Carlie at Life... Full of Stories

Go check them out and be a blogger who isn't afraid to reach out and share some blogger love. Have a great day my blogger buds! :)
Oh and enjoy this complimentary picture from this weekend!