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More Lance Art & The Boys I Love

The other night while I was busily and frustratedly working on homework, I asked Lance to get me something to snack on. I wanted something sweet and tart. He came back a few minutes later with this:

It's pieces of orange wrapped in raspberry ice cream! YUM! My husband is brilliant!

And we got to see my family too! I'm so excited to see my brother, Kaj, this weekend. He is living up in Utah. He did a summer semester at BYU and then got accepted to BYU Idaho for January of 2012, so he is just working and living in Utah until January. One of our family's best friends, Adrienne, who has become like a big sister to me, is getting married on Saturday in Utah, so we will all be up there. Anyway, Here are some pictures of the boys I love (again I only had my cell phone so I apologize for the quality). Jonas brought home everyone's glasses from a 3D movie that they went to see and then punched out the lenses to get these:

These are the boys I love. :)