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Mr. Build It

I believe it is time for me to show you a taste of just how awesome my husband's Mr. Build It skills are... He built this for me when I mentioned I loved the one my parents had. It's a magazine rack for the bathroom! I love the hearts in the sides!
His pride and joy of this project was how he successfully created and put in graduating dowels (normal speak - that each of the little bars gets thicker) and I agree it is a fantastic touch. I love wood-working myself, but I haven't really had time to get into it since I built a grandfather clock back in high school. My husband is so good with the little details and he could teach me so much!
So the finished project now sits in our bathroom and it looks fan-stinkin-tastic! :)
Another thing he built recently was this shoe rack for our jacket closet. Now the shoes aren't all over the place! He also built two more of these that were longer to go in our bedroom closet so all of our shoes are organized! Isn't it neat? He cut each piece and perfectly drilled through to hold them together with dowels. Yep... He is my awesome Mr. Build It. He is also currently working on two other projects, so stay tuned to see more neat creations!

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