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My Aunt Marci

Well she is pretty much amazing... Her love and passion is decorating. Every time we visit she has completely redecorated her house and she creates all her decorations with vintage items that she restores. She is my great aunt and just like my grandma (her sister) she is very festive about holiday decorating. I LOVE it! Without further delay, here is what it looked like a week ago (Yes you may drool):

This is her kitchen table with glass top and she has filled it with pearls...

Something with spring made to display antiques :)

And this is her really neat antique view master! You put one of the cards in and it looks like you are seeing the picture in 3D! Really neat! (Dorky picture of me courtesy of my husband)
Another thing that Marci likes to decorate is Luigi... her dog who is her everything. This year for Halloween he is being a turtle. :)
And this is my Uncle Steve, Marci's husband with my parents. He is in a giant brace because he bikes to work and a few weeks ago, he was hit by a car... It would be more accurately stated to say that the car was hit by him because he is around 6' 5" and very big and strong and he actually totalled it (the whole car). There are three miracles about this accident according to my uncle Steve:

1. I should have died.
2. I should have been crippled since I didn't die.
3. I shouldn't be able to have motion like I do since I wasn't crippled and I didn't die.

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father protected him and we all love our Aunt Marci and Uncle Steve! :)