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My Life is Magic

Sometimes I wonder at my life, it seems to be so full of things that can't be real. A husband who truly loves me who I get to be with forever, a family who supports us no matter what, and all the beautiful things that sprinkle the rest of my life like magic dust... That seems to be the only explanation- My life is magic. Not the Harry Potter kind (however much I love Harry Potter). No, rather the sometimes-each-moment-is-almost-too-good-to-be-true-but-it-is-true kind of magic. So I just sit sometimes and think about the majesty of the magic in our lives. It's like God is just waiting for more ways to bless us all... So that's my life in a tiny nutshell. My life is magic.
This week I got to have a wonderful date night with my husband and we went to Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner. Neither of us had ever been there and it was delicious!
You get to draw on your table and so this was my hubby's drawing! :)
And this was mine...

We basically had a fantastic time and it reminded me to look out for the magic and not focus on the frustration life can sometimes bring. If you focus on the bad things, you might just miss the magic.

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