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Nice Things & Halloween

I guess sometimes I underestimate how incredible my husband can be... Like on days when I have been at school ALL day and I come home thinking, "Maybe I can just munch some saltines and go to bed because I'm too tired to fix anything." Then I walk in the door to a table set with spaghetti and meatballs, salad, bread, fruit, and a paper towel rose at my place setting....
And when he sets up, he sets up very nice. Look how fancy the canned oranges looked! :)
He is just so nice to me and I certainly do love him. Speaking of nice things, for our last mutual (weekly activity for the 12-18 year old girls at church) we had to think of something fun to do for Halloween. I am one of the young womens leaders you see. And yes, in case you are wondering, they just thought I was a new young woman the first day I went in and not a leader. :) Anyway, I remembered seeing the BOO poem on Ashley's blog The Shine Project. I then also thought of someone else (forgive me for not remembering which blog because it was a while back) mentioning that the young women heart attacked then to welcome them into their ward. I thought this would be a perfect combination! So we made Halloween cupcakes and BOOed several new people in our ward leaving the BOO poem signed "Your new friends from the ward." It was fun to see the young women come screaming and running for my truck after ringing every door bell. :)

It was a fun activity for Halloween! Plus... Lance and I are going to have the most AWESOME Halloween costumes... Just you wait. :)
P.S. Like the new layout or no?

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