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Pardon the Interposition but My Wife is Beautiful

I, Lance Baxter, think there is just too much fun going on this blog and I wanted to add to the enjoyment! I get to read the magnificent posts that my wife does on a daily basis and I wouldn't feel right in keeping my peace about it.

I know there are a lot of cheesy things I can say at this point, but I am immensely sincere when I say that my wife Siri is the best thing that ever happened to me. That's why I married her. She is my choice and I love my choice. I love who I chose. I continue to choose her every day and I choose to love her always.

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Those who do it for the right reasons just know and get to indulge in the superb rewards that come with being married. Before I met Siri, I wanted to write an autobiography and focus heavily on the subject of my particular circumstance at the time when I was trying to find the right person to marry. I believed I would get married someday and that the "fairytale" perfect fit for me would come into my life when I was ready. I believe I was ready when I met her. Now that my world has been changed for the greater good, it happened so fast. Time had flown away on lightnings wings, never to be called back. The difference is as night and day and I would never wish to return to solitude.

Although Siri and I are still considered in marriage "Newly Weds," I feel that there is one thing we know more about than anyone else in the world, and that's knowing what it's like to be newly weds. Here are a few things that I believe are the best things about being married.

The best thing about being married from my point of view is companionship. I have my best friend with me at all times. Knowing that there is always someone there for you is so wonderfully comfortable and reassuring. I can't imagine ever wanting to be without someone who loves and cares for you because it feels so empty otherwise. I am unmistakably overjoyed that I got to marry the best woman in my life.

I love her because I can come to where she is working on something and just sit and smile at her until she looks and she'll usually sense that I'm there admiring her and then she'll get an abrupt smile on her face. She loves my humor and the most amazing thing that I discover over and over, is that she makes me laugh all the time! I thought I was the only one with a sense of humor like mine.

Learning together. Learning how we both live, how we function, how we negotiate and resolve new experiences has become a beautiful dance that we have been engaged in since we met. My love for Siri grows each day and I am always awestruck at how struggles increase our love exponentially for each other because we choose to let them work for us. I understand that diversity can be a good thing and to paraphrase one of my favorite quotes on the matter, Italy, under the Borgias for 30 years suffered warfare, murder and much bloodshed which produced Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and the renaissance. Switzerland under 500 years of democratic peace and brotherly love produced: the cuckoo clock.

Another one of the greatest and best things about being married is there's someone to serve all the time. Service for my wife, I come to find out, makes the biggest difference by doing the smallest things. I love finding out how she lives so I can meet her needs. I've learned lots about her. I've learned how she folds her clothes and I also continue to think I know how she keeps all her clothes organized so that I can successfully put away all her clothes in an orderly fashion after the laundry is finished when she has to do homework. My love grows for her more when I serve her and I plan on being a server forever.

Thoughts from the husband.