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Some Family Lovin'

I love my family. A lot. SO I wanted to introduce to you to part of them. These are my parents. I took these pictures of them last weekend.
My dad taught all 5 of us kids to speak Swedish fluently by never speaking English to us since birth. (He learned Swedish fluently from serving a mission there for our church when he was 19 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).
My mom is a lawyer and has her own business doing estate planning. She is brilliant.
My dad is a high school English teacher and a HUGE Civil War relic collector... which explains why I love to write and why I am also a Civil War buff. My mom is an amazing seamstress. She sewed all of my bridesmaids dresses.
This is the older of my two younger sisters, KineBritt. She is a walking encyclopedia. Literally... Don't mess with her.
She is the sweetest girl and is quite fierce about her passions.
Just some candids of my parents...

And then you have Lance and I at the reception luncheon :)
Wish I had pictures of my other siblings from this trip, but they weren't at temple square this time so I'll have to introduce the other 3 in another post sometime. This is a neat shot I took of the conference center.
Playing with the bubbles from the reception... Love how this turned out.
Families can be together forever... and if that's not a happy beginning and ending, I don't know what is.