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The Weekend Wedding

So like I mentioned earlier, Lance and I were in Utah for a wedding this weekend! Here's the story:

About six to seven years ago when I was in high school, this girl moved into my family's ward at church. She was a medical student in her late 20s (we lived next to Midwestern University). We could usually pick out the med students by their newlywed attitudes and one or two tiny children, but she was all alone. She looked very friendly, so we invited her over for Sunday dinner. Well... we LOVED her. Needless to say that Sunday dinner with her became a weekly tradition and this amazing girl became a special part of our family. Actually, she became the big sister I never had. When all the adults would leave the room to talk, she would sit on the couch with me to confide in me and listen to all my worries. I have never forgotten what those times meant to me. She is now a Physician's Assistant and it's quite fitting because she gets to help people all day. She is so compassionate toward everyone around her.

Now when I got married in May, she came all the way down to AZ again to be there at the reception. of course she was the one who got me bawling and hugging in the reception line. And now, she is married and I was there snapping pictures and randomly bursting into tears as well. She fell in love with a guy that lights up the room when he walks in and thinks that she is the whole entire world. My big sister got married and she deserves all the happiness in the world. So there's the story... and here's the beginning of the next one: