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The Baxters' Halloween Adventures (That's One Year Folks)

Halloween came and went and to our shock, we realized it has been on year since we met! We met at our single's ward pumpkin carving contest last year... And now one year later we are married and our lives have been altered and bettered for it! So (and sorry for it being a few days late) here are our Halloween adventures. First we went to my parents' house. This was my family's "Jack"-O-Lantern. :)
They also made these for their ward Trunk or treat party! It's a graveyard! All you do is make brownies, put some chocolate frosting on top and some crumbled Oreo cookies. Then add the cookies for headstones! I loved it!
Lance and I got our amazing costumes that he made!
Hooray! Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!
Mr. Potato Head getting handsy lol
My little brother was the "pick of the litter." He was a puppy in a box of puppies! So cute!
Look at his one cute front tooth that finally growing in! :)
My sister, KineBritt was pretty much just nothing and everything. She threw on a ton of random things together lol

My sister, Mathea, was a masquerade girl. :) So cute!

My dad said to KineBritt and I, "Come do my hair for Halloween. You can do anything with it." (of course he said that all in Swedish) So we decided to go with Wolverine! Woot! We gave him some black plastic knives for his claws.

Here is the whole gang before trick-or-treating! We had so much fun! I hadn't gone trick or treating since I was like 12 because people kept telling me I was too old and people didn't want to give me candy. So Lance and I were going to stay behind, but my dad was like, "Oh just get a bag and come! People will love your costumes!" (again, that was in Swedish) So we hesitantly went and lo, people were so excited to see us that they gave Lance and I EXTRA candy for having such incredible costumes and they said things like, "Awesome! You are never too big to trick or treat! Thanks so much for coming!" Wow these people were so much nicer than the people that grouched at 12-year-old me! It was a blast! So I caught up on a little bit of my missed teenage Halloween fun and went trick-or-treating at age 20.
When we came back, after we all sat and traded candy, Lance and I began our first annual pumpkin carving tradition to celebrate meeting.
I hate pumpkin guts.

While we carved, I looked over and saw Jonas sitting a few feet away. See the chair he is in? My Great Grandma made it for me. And five kids later, it's still a favorite!
My sister sorting candy! :)
Jonas faithfully patrolling on the look out for straggling trick-or-treaters.
KineBritt pretending to barf our pumpkin guts... Speaking of barfing...
That's what our pumpkin was doing! Ha ha!
One year down...
Eternity to go!
Happy belated Halloween!