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Casa Grande Triathlon

Saturday was Lance's triathlon is Casa Grande! It was so wonderful to get to be there and support him, only this time as his wife! Last year when I went to it to cheer him on, it was our second date. Because of this we thought it only fitting to converse the whole car ride to Casa Grande as though we were once again on a second date and didn't know each other. We were left in fits of giggles and it was very fun. So here are the shots I took:

The pair of us before he had to go suit up for the swim.
Here he is in the swim portion! He swam like a champion, beating his goal, despite the road block of four swimmers jamming up in the lane in front of him!
Next he ran over and changed for the biking portion... Here he is flashing the wifey the "I love you" sign as he heads off. I love him so. :)
This was my favorite biking picture from the race. (Yes, I took them all)
And finally, he got back from the bike ride and took off for the running portion. As I waited at the finish for him, I watched the exhausted triathletes run slowly to the finish line, so happy to be done. My husband, however, took some encouragement shouted to him a little ways before the finish line to heart and he BLASTED through the finish so quickly that the announcer even said, "Wow what an incredible finish! That's the way to do it!"
Yep, that's my boy.
So here is the victory shot! He did it!
And he said I was a good cheerleader/photographer/motivator!
So you wanna know how my handsome fella did overall against the other competitors? Well he placed 22nd out of the hundreds who competed! He finished in 1 hour and 7 minutes exactly and if you calculate in the fact that the wind was blowing insanely, he could've done it faster given better circumstances. He is incredible!
So what was his trick to stay one step ahead of the wind and not get a dry throat like everyone else? Honey... literally. He took a huge drink in between each part and at the end. Ha ha! Some runners drink water, some drink gatorade, but my runner drinks honey. He is my honey!
So here is the victory picture as we headed over to IKEA for a lunch to replicate our after triathlon date from last year. :)
This is not all the neatness from the triathlon though. Have you ever seen this video? It's called Dayton's Legs. If you haven't seen it, please watch it before looking at the rest of the post. Seriously, it is probably going to be the most beautiful thing you see today. (except your loved ones of course) Just watch it.

Ok are you crying now? Good. I can't even explain how I choke up when I even think about Dayton and Spencer. Well here is the other neatness... Spencer and Dayton were in Lance's triathlon last year. We watched the whole thing and wondered what the background story behind this loving pair of friends was. Well this video came out and suddenly we realized it was the boys from Lance's race. And this year, they were back for more. I choked back the tears as I saw Dayton coming to the finish of the biking portion. I believe that's his dad pulling him.
Then came the infamous friends streaking toward the finish line as the little crowd around them burst into cries of joy and encouragement. I cried when I saw how hard Lance ran as he finished the race as well. Then after he had a chance to breathe, he walked over to shake Dayton and Spencer's hands. We met them and Lance told them how well they had done. I tried not to sob while Lance talked with Spencer for a while. Wow, it was really a fantastic triathlon indeed. My husband is my hero.