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Hello, it's Lance the Husband again. One of the things in life I am passionate about is speaking different languages. My life long goal is to be fluent in 5 different languages by the time I die and currently I am well into my 3rd. Portuguese and Spanish are the first two and after Swedish, Siri and I want to learn Sign Language together. I think it'll be very advantageous for teaching our future children to sign what they want rather than scream and yell. One of the greatest aspirations I have and hope for is that one day our little family will be fluent in several languages so that they may have all the more opportunities open to them.

Yesterday at the Airport, I was studying my swedish flash cards when I heard a voice attempt to say my name while pointing to my ID badge in amusement. I looked up and saw 5 gentleman about to board an airplane going to Las Vegas. I noticed their passports which weren't US issued and asked where they were from. They didn't really understand me and hoped I asked where they were going so they said 'Las Vegas.' Then one of them said something that caught my ear and I asked again. When he said 'Brazil,' my eyes lit up and I said excitedly 'Voces falam portugues? Que beleza minha cara!' (You all speak Portuguese? What a beautiful thing my beloved friends)

They all looked in astonishment, cheered and all started High Fiving me. They were certainly impressed I spoke their language with such enthusiasm. That certainly was a triumphant moment and little things like that surely enrich my life.