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A Little Family Time

Nowadays I like to escape the homework lair (our apartment) whenever I can, so the other day I went to have lunch at Costco with my dad and little brother. We had some pizza and I took this interesting picture of my little brother (Jonas). :) He didn't want me to get his funny teeth in the picture since he lost basically all of the front ones and some of them are starting to grow in. I think they look pretty cute all crooked and funny.
I stopped by the house too and Jonas was all too excited to show my the cookies that they had made for a family activity. This cookie was supposed to be him. :)
And surprise surprise! They even made a Lance cookie and a Siri cookie! Gotta love it!
P.S. If you live in AZ and you are stressing about Christmas card pictures, please send me a message because I would love to do them for you and I have a blogger friend discount!