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Package Pals!

Package Pals reveal time is here! Woot! So this fall I participated in Package Pals from Gentri Lee's blog and I was partnered with Katherine from Australia! Her blog is called Through My Looking Glass if you want to check it out! Anyway it was so much fun to get to know this girl and see a little of what her life is like in the land down under! :) I sent her a package (and clumsy me forgot to write little notes in it explaining why I sent what I did) that had several things that are special to me. Since Katherine and I both agreed that Australia is much better than Arizona, I sent her gifts that had more to do with things close to my heart, rather than things pertaining to Arizona. I sent her a breast cancer pen because someone I love very much has breast cancer and I want to spread the encouragement to fight it!
My favorite holiday is Christmas because of the beautiful family time and the feeling I get from knowing my Savior lives. To share a bit of early Christmas spirit, I sent a countdown gingerbread house decoration. I just though it was adorable!
I also sent some of my favorite childhood candies... totally a classic - Smarties! (in a cute collectible tin)
To top it off I sent dessert flavored packs of gum, which are my latest incredible discovery and packed it all in colored paper. I thought it looked pretty good... until I got my package.
Wow! Her package just looked beautiful! It was incredible! All these special little things with hand stamped notes explaining their significance!
The fifty cent piece was so neat and my hubby instantly claimed it for his coin collection! :) I adored the little hand painted clothes pins and the notebook too! Lance and I were super excited that she included a magnet from Sydney to include in our fridge magnet collection!
This was the cutest thing! She sent me a little hair pin from her favorite place called Mimco! It's so cute and I have worn it so many times already!
It was so much fun to be a part of this neat activity and I truly LOVED making friends with Katherine! She is a brilliant girl with a determination to get out of life all that it has to offer. I truly can't wait to meet her when I go to Australia someday! :) Thanks for being my Package Pal Katherine!