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Part 1: When I First Encountered Him

So I was inspired by Kara from Not a Couple's Blog to write out the story of my husband and I. Yes there is a tab at the top of my blog that tells our story, but it is GREATLY abridged. So, as all the details are still fresh in my mind, I want to write it all. So here is Part 1 of The Story of Us:

It was a cold October afternoon as I stepped into the car with my girlfriends to head up to our church campout. We chatted busily about how fun the much anticipated evening was going to be and made a quick stop to get some dinner before getting on the freeway. That is where we saw him. In case you are wondering who he is, I must be honest when I say that I didn’t really know. I had only met him for about ten seconds that previous Monday and we had only talked a few brief times since then. Among those few conversations, however, I had, for some reason, agreed to drive back with him from the campout on Friday after the activities. He couldn’t stay the night because he had work early on Saturday morning, but didn’t want to drive home alone so late in the evening. What could it hurt? At least that would afford time to talk and discover who he truly was.

As we all came back out from getting our food and clamored into our car again, I watched him open the driver’s door of his car, but he stopped and stood there, watching our car as though he was dying to say something. He had wanted me to drive up with him, but one of my girlfriends had flatly refused to let me since I was already going with him for the drive back. Part of me wished I had gone with him anyway. I watched his face through the tinted window as we pulled away, heading to our destination. Something inside the deepest portion of my soul seemed to whisper in the quietest voice, “Who is he?” but another whisper seemed to answer, “You already know him.”

The girls blasted loud music on our trip and I laughed along with them, but my mind was wrapped around him. The vision of him from Monday seemed burned into my mind – He was there leaning against a table, wearing a green t-shirt with a short scruff of a beard on his chiseled jaw. He looked like a colorful statue with his deep brown eyes piercing me as if to strip away all pretenses. The smile on his face seemed to be connected to his very heart strings, completely sincere. I almost choked when I tried to talk to him, but I hadn’t. No, I had kept my composure and walked away.