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Part 2: When I First Encountered Him

If you haven't read Part 1 click here to catch up.
Now we were pulling into the campground parking lot and my brains were still furiously working on solving the mystery that was this young man. I took a deep breath as my friends continued their light-hearted conversation. I wanted to be invested in what they were saying, but I was utterly distracted. He pulled up as we were all piling out of the car and I was furiously attempting to force my frozen fingers to pull on my gloves, hat, and scarf. I heard the gravel crunch beneath his feet as he approached; my heart pounding. I turned to face him, determined to keep the casual smile on my face as he said, “Hey can I walk in with you?” Except that’s not what I heard. His penetrating eyes looked straight into me and made me hear him say something more along the lines of, “Do you believe in fate?” Regardless of what was said and what was heard, I answered, “Yes,” which answered both questions correctly. So we walked silently toward the camp meeting cabin, smiling at each other through undisguised glances. I liked how it felt to have him there at my side. It was as though I had been missing something for my whole existence and now I knew what it was, but not consciously. I felt as though he actually loved me, which was ridiculous, since we hadn’t even had time to delve into an actual, flowing conversation yet. It wasn’t supposed to be so easy to feel loved; at least not that I knew of.
The bright lights flowed over us as we stepped into the cabin together and people looked over nonchalantly to see who had arrived. I pulled my gloves off and shoved them into the pocket of my leather jacket, but my hands still trembled ever so slightly. It wasn’t from the cold anymore though. The fire in the fire place warmed the cabin sufficiently to keep the cold outside and the hot chocolate being passed around took care of any chill that tried to linger. He began to talk with me in a corner of the cabin and yet all the while our eyes seemed to be saying different things that the words that were passing out from our lips. A hum of chatter and music suddenly filled the cabin to interrupt us. The camp out activities began and we separated to find our friends, but something else had begun as well.