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Random Recentness

Here are some random recent pictures of our life. I don't have and iPhone so I can't do it all cutesy like some other awesome bloggers, but I think this will do just fine. :)

Here are the ghosts that my 7-year-old brother made for us to put up as Halloween decorations. If you look closely, you will notice that it is a Lance and a Siri ghost. He drew cones on Lance's shirt for working with the airplanes and a Chick Fil A badge on mine (even though I had to quit there a month ago). I think he will sort of perpetually see me as working there since that's where I worked in high school and he remembers most.
Here is what I saw when I got off the on ramp to the freeway the other day. Notice the other cars. Yeah I freaked out... until I realized it was a semi being towed by another semi... Good gracious.
Here is my Starburst art that I made in class the other day when my teacher was lecturing us on something that had nothing to do with anything. It seems like that is quite frequent at this level of school. They don't teach anything relevant and then send us home to do research papers. Oh well.
This is my water bottle that I asked Lance to put some Lemonade in so I could have some sugar to keep me awake while doing homework. He brought it back with graffiti on it. "Beauty", "Love", and "Happiness" were written around the top. He basically brought me the fountain of youth lemonade!
And I just thought this was funny because someone obviously made a typo on the price tag. It was the same DVD as all the ones next to it, which were $24.95. It just made me chuckle. :)
Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!