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Snip Snip!

I always wanted to be one of those wives that is good at everything... But I'm not. On a good note, I am determined to become so. One of the things I tried my hand at was trimming the sides of Lance's hair. This wasn't too bad, until last week when he decided I was giving him a full haircut. YIKES! Needless to say I was worried that my husband would have bald spots or something by the time I was done. His hair was getting curly and definitely needed a cut, but he does his hair in a sort of fohawk and I didn't see how an untrained hair dresser like myself could possibly get it right! So even though it took me forever to do, he went from this...
To this... My confidence was boosted because even though it wasn't close to perfect, he didn't have any bald spots!
So the most adventurous thing that I have done lately is give my hubby a haircut. What adventurous things have you done lately?